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    Adobe 6/CC not embedding Lens in EXIF for Flickr


      I just got lightroom and photoshop cc this past week and noticed that when I export my photos, then upload those photos to Flickr, the lens information is left blank. I had lightroom 5 before last week, and the lens data was always exported. I can't figure out why LR6 won't do it. Any ideas? Here's what I have done so far to troubleshoot:


      1. Tried several other lenses. To make sure it wasn't my lens.

      2. Tried different cameras. To make sure it wasn't my camera.

      3. Had my friend try with her camera, using her computer, with Lightroom 6. To make sure it wasn't just my copy of lightroom that maybe didn't install correctly.

      4. Shot jpeg, and uploaded that directly from the memory card without going through Lightroom, and the lens data was there for this one. So this tells me lightroom is the issue.

      5. Processed a raw image from the memory card in photoshop/camera raw, and it still doesn't show the lens information