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    Beginner Guitar e-Learning course with Animate




      I want to create a beginner guitar e-Learning Course using Adobe Animate. I already know how to do basic animations and code quizzes and interactions with Actionscript. However, I'm not sure what the best way to put together a whole course is. Here are the options I'm considering, could you please tell me which one would be best?


      1. Create the e-Learning course as a website. Each new learning interaction would be on an individual HTML page with a 800x600 "flash" object. Results would be saved back to a central database, file or LMS.


      2. Create the e-Learning course entirely within Animate. Each frame of the main timeline would serve as a "new page", a bit like a Powerpoint slide. This would mean that the entire project and all assets are encapsulated within a single file.


      Eventually, I'd like to be able to deliver the course across a variety of formats; HTML5, iPad and Android tablets. Would one of these approaches lend itself better to that path? I wouldn't want to have to recreate the entire course all over again page by page for each new delivery format.


      (I don't want to use Adobe Captivate, while some of it's functions are great, it's learning interactions are limited for what I want to do).