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    Batch Sequence - Renaming Bookmarks




      Complete JS noob here. Whenever I have an issue I just google scripts and copy and paste them and adjust them accordingly - I have never written one on my own.


      So if anyone is feeling nice enough to write an entire script that I can just copy and paste (and tweak) for this, THANK YOU!


      So what I want to do is to automate the sequential renaming of bookmarks. I have created a PDF consisting of other PDFs and have used the built-in Acrobat features to automatically create bookmarks. Instead of having to manually rename all these bookmarks, is there a script out there that can do this? I need to make the bookmarks sequential, for example:


      TAB 1

      TAB 2

      TAB 3

      TAB 4


      The bookmarks are already in the right spots, all I need to do is rename them similarly to the naming convention used in this example.