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    Planning new editing system, need GPU advice.


      I am planning on building a new system once Broadwell-e and Pascal release. I currently only do editing of GoPro and UHD Phone videos. I intend on getting a GH4 and a Phantom 4 at some point.


      What I am trying to decide is if I should get an inexpensive FirePro v5900 and the lowest or middle tier Pascal car or if I should nix the FirePro and just get the top tier Pascal card. AFAIK the top tier Pascal card is a direct replacement to the 980ti. I had been planning on getting only a 980ti but since we have a real time frame on pascal it seems like a no brainer to wait. I want to be able to game at max settings at 60+FPS and have been ready to drop up to $1000CAD on a single card but if a two card option is more feasible to get the features of a content creation card than I will consider it. I could also potentially get more than one FirePro, though I'm not sure how well dual GPU's qi in PP.