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    After Effects crashing on startup


      We are using several CC applications in our corporate environment, After Effects is an application that was not used untill now. The problem is that our environment is that the end users do not have admin rights and do not have access to all folders on their systems.


      Apparently After Effects needs read/write access to the following folder: c:\users\public\public documents\

      It places a folder called "AdobeInstalledCodecs" in that folder.



      End users do not have right to write anything to that folder, and After Effects crashes on startup. When the program is started as an administrator it starts just fine and also when I (temporarily) give read/write access to the end user it also starts without crashing.


      I ended up analysing data from a Windows tool called Procmon to find out that the applications crashes on this action.


      I already spoke to Adobe CC support but the only answer I get is to reinstall Windows (why??) or to upgrade to Windows 10 (why??). We are currently using Windows 7 64-but by the way. Already tried with a fresh install of Windows 7 but that of course does not matter as the permissions do not change with this action. Same goes for upgrading to Windows 10, which is also not going to change any anything in the permissions and not something you we want to do as we have 1800+ desktops in our environment and want to keep this as homogenious as possible.


      Giving the user permanent read/write access to the public documents folder could fix this. But from a security standpoint that is not something we want to do.


      I want to know if there is any way to let After Effects create and use that folder in a different place. Best would be if it creates it in the end users profile itself and not in the public folder. I do not see any options for this in After Effects itself.