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    burning disc failure


      Premiere elements 13

      windows 8.1

      available space 763gb.

      using Sony dvd+R 120min/4.7gb discs

      video is 54 minuites long with menu and menu markers.

      first two disc had all of the above and no problem.  Now won't burn saying either interrupted or completely freezes. Tried six further attempts all failed. Have also saved to folder but won't play on dvd player and even on the computer it will either play video or audio but not both.

      When failing i notice there are no video frames shown in timeline these have gone blank although it will still play them.

      It is also now rearranging my desktop icons at start-up and has even deleted one which I can't retrieve.

      I stop all other applications working including the internet connection and the security software so as not to clash.

      I have read although not always understood previous postings and answers and tried a few but without success.

      I had pinnacle 9 before this and am coming having to consider going back, can anyone help, please.

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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          If you're going to make several copies of a DVD, the smart thing to do is to burn the DVD files to a folder on your hard drive rather than directly to a disc. Then outputting copies of the DVD is as simple as using a program like ImgBurn to copy the files to discs -- a process that takes about 5 minutes.


          It sounds like you're starting the whole DVD transcoding/burn process from scratch every time you want to a copy. Not only is this inefficient, but it can sometimes lead to corruption, which is what may have happened in your case.


          You say the VIDEO_TS folder you created on your hard drive won't play on your DVD player. I'm not sure what you mean by that. You can't play a folder on your hard drive on your DVD player. In fact, you may even have trouble playing it in Windows Media Player or Quicktime.


          But download the great, free VLC Media Player. Then make sure you choose the option to play the FOLDER rather than a file, and open the VIDEO_TS folder. It should work perfectly. If it does, we can show you how to proceed.


          Although if your desktop icons are rearranging, etc., something more serious may be at work on your computer.

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            KEANNITH Level 1

            Thanks for speedy response.  I am not making copies I have made a different video, which the burn to disc is failing every time.  I have literally tried again today after taking out some of the markers, especially those at the beginning and end.  The encoding took over 5 hours then a message said "compiling the media" and then said burning disc.

            After just 1% it failed again and ejected the disc. I have already tried making a copy from a folder but this will not play on our dvd/cd player on the television.  The family do not want to huddle around a small computer screen to watch our holiday and family videos.

            It took me days to edit and compile the videos and it has taken days to just burn one disc.  From the forums this is not a new problem and Adobe should be far more proactive in resolving it.  That's my rant, sorry.   If you can help any more I would be grateful otherwise I shall just have to go back to Pinnacle.

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              Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

              Once again, I don't understand what you mean when you say " I have already tried making a copy from a folder but this will not play on our dvd/cd player on the television." Are you saying that you burned a DVD of the VIDEO_TS folder and that this disc won't play on your DVD player? 


              That said, I'd first focus on troubleshooting your video in Premiere Elements. Is there a stop marker at the end of your movie? If so, that can corrupt a file. Is there a blank spot in your movie with no video on the Video 1 track? That too can corrupt a movie output. Since your project is crashing so early in transcoding, there could be a blank spot or some other corruption pretty early in your movie.


              Have you tried selecting the option to burn a DVD a folder and saved your files to folder in which there are no other files?


              What model of camcorder is your video coming from and what format and resolution is it? If you look at the Project Settings, under the program's Edit menu, do your project settings match your video specs?


              When did you last run Disk Cleanup and Disk Defragmenter on your computer? If you're running Windows 8.1, your OS is several years old and you may have accumulated a lot of little file fragments on your drive. Usually this is not a problem with such a large hard drive. But enough little fragments can keep the program from grabbing the huge chunks of of hard drive space it needs to transcode a movie from one format to another.



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                KEANNITH Level 1

                Thank you once again Steve for replying so promptly. To answer your points:

                There are no stop markers at either the end or the beginning. There were on the first two attempts on this second video but I deleted them on the next four failed attempts.  There however were markers on the first successful video, so why should this not work again?


                I have searched through the video at least twice in minute detail and cannot find any gaps.  All the video clips are on video one and the transitions and titles on video two, exactly as the first video which was successfully completed.


                It normally crashes  some where between 75-98% usually the latter, not early in the process.  But today it actually completed the encoding and then compiling media functions, it even stated it was starting to burn but after doing 1% it ejected the disc.


                One odd thing is that the first successful video completed from start to finish in about two hours.  Ever since that time the next 6 attempts are taking over 5 hours just to encode and failing. Both videos are 55 minutes long.


                The folder copy I made when putting it into the television's Sony dvd/cd player, the normal way we view videos I have made in the past, a sign comes up saying it cannot read what is on the disc. When I try and play this copy back on the computer it will either play the sound track or the video but not the two together.  It also will not now show the Menu or the markers which were on the folder transfer.


                It is exactly the same video camera as the first video which was successfully burnt and we have viewed this already on the television. In fact the first two discs I made of my first family video I had to make twice as the first needed editing down.


                I have not done either a disc clean-up or defragmenter for as you said there is some much capacity on this computer I did not consider this to be a problem especially as it has already burnt two previous discs.


                Appreciate all your help, thanks.

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                  Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

                  So have you completed the creation of a VIDEO_TS folder on your hard drive or not? And have you tried playing this folder with VLC Media Player? And why are you refusing to run Disk Cleanup and Disk Defragmenter? We're troubleshooting here, and it's not going to do us any good if you refuse to follow my suggestions.


                  Meantime, you've got a lot of junk files built up from all of your failed attempts. Go to the File menu in Premiere Elements and select Save As and save you project file into a new, empty directory folder, with a new name. Also, go to the Preferences (under the Edit menu) and, on the Media page, clear the Media Cache.


                  This isn't going to have any effect on any work you have in progress -- but it will give you a "clean slate" for building transcoding files.


                  And don't try to burn directly to a disc. Select the option to burn your DVD files to a folder on your hard drive -- and save it to a new, empty folder on your hard drive.


                  Then use VLC Media Player to play the VIDEO_TS folder that is created by this process.

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                    KEANNITH Level 1

                    Firstly, may I say I am disappointed with the tone of your message as at no time did I said I would refuse to do a disk clean-up or defragmenter.  I just said I had not done one.  This has now been done, as you asked.


                    I have also cleared the media cache and saved the project under a different name, as you requested.  I am therefore not refusing to do what you suggest to troubleshoot this problem for I more than anyone would like to get on and do other videos..


                    I do not however understand what a Video -TS is or how to make one or find it later.  I am 73 years old and most of the technical jargon is foreign to me.  I have however produced 20/30 videos using Pinnacle 9 without any of these issues.


                    What I have done on one occasion of the 6 attempts is when getting to "Create & Publish" I made a copy to a folder and not disc.  I then burned this to a disc but it lost the Menu and markers from it and would not play on our separate dvd/cd-player that is wired to our tv.  This has always been the way we have viewed our family videos and did so with the very first one successfully done with Premiere Elements.


                    I may have misunderstood but I am assuming that a version made in Video-TS format is only suitable for computer viewing.  In any case it is not what we want, we want to burn a disc to view on the tv. through a dvd/cd player and take to family and friends who won't have VLC Media Player.


                    Once again, I have produced a disc by burning on the first occasion with this Premiere Elements and cannot see why there is such a problem now.  Should I now try to burn another one using the newly saved project under a different name?

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                      Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

                      When you select the option to burn a DVD to a folder rather than directly to a disc, the program creates a VIDEO_TS folder that includes a number of files. These files -- .vob files, .ifo files and .bup files -- make up the video files, menu files and navigation for your DVD. If you burn this folder and its files to a DVD disc, using a program like ImgBurn, you will get a playable disc with menus and navigation.

                      I show you how to burn VIDEO_TS files to a DVD in my free tutorial for ImgBurn at Premiere Elements support site Muvipix.com

                      .*** ImgBurn***

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                        KEANNITH Level 1

                        Thank you for your reply.  I shall try over the weekend what you have suggested and let you know how I get on.

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                          KEANNITH Level 1

                          Hi Steve,


                          I registered on Imgburn but have difficulty in finding the tutorial  you suggest.  Could you guide me through your site to them, please?

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                            Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

                            If you click on the link in my post above, it will take you right to it!

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                              KEANNITH Level 1

                              Thanks looked at tutorial and burned project to "folder 4.7" twice successfully.  I used the default folder reference that appeared in the box "C:/user/Documents", however although the project was "Completed" with a green tick I cannot now locate them in "Documents" or anywhere else on the computer after doing a computer search.  Can you help? Thanks.

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                                Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

                                I always recommend you create a new directory folder, with no other files in it, to save your DVD files or ISOs in.


                                Saving to such a general location may not work.

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                                  KEANNITH Level 1

                                  Steve.  I am grateful for all your help but I seem to be hitting a brick wall.  I viewed your tutorial twice to make sure I was not missing something. 

                                  I then tried to burn to folder, as you recommend, my original project and a completely new one (also 54 minutes long). I did this to ensure there was no corruption.

                                  I previously opened a new dedicated folder, as you suggested, in Documents called  “dvd files”.

                                  The sequence after that was as follows :

                                  I go to “Create & Publish”.

                                  Choose Folder 4.7 to burn to.

                                  I Browse the folder box

                                  I go to Documents on the computer and “Select folder” C:user/keannith/Documents/dvd files as my destination.

                                  This appears in the folder box on “Create & Publish”.

                                  I click Burn.

                                  Disc starts to Encode media and after several hours I get “Burn Complete” (green tick) files to folder.

                                  I go to  C:user/keannith/Documents/dvd files “empty”.

                                  This happened with both projects.

                                  I searched every folder in C nothing.

                                  I am very aware this must  be as frustrating to you as me and that your knowledge and expertise would most probably resolve it quickly.  However, I do not think I am an idiot and although not understanding most of the jargon I do know my way around the computer pretty well to sort out most problems but this Adobe Premiere Elements 13 has nearly got me beaten. 


                                  Any ideas where the files go after burning and a way to find them?  Appreciate any more help you can give.

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                                    Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

                                    Go to the program's Preferences (under the Edit menu on a PC) and, on the General page, uncheck the option to Use Hardware Acceleration. Click OK.


                                    This setting can sometimes bug up outputs, as you're describing.


                                    Once you've done that, you should have no problems outputting your video files.

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                                      KEANNITH Level 1

                                      Steve, Did what you suggested and unclicked Acceleration button.

                                      It took up 16 hours yes 16 hours of the computer to burn to the folder this can't be right, can it?

                                      But it was there in Documents under dvd files folder, at last. 

                                      I then sent it to E drive  to burn. It failed twice saying it could not download all of the files.

                                      After two more blank discs it eventually accepted the missing files (at least I assume so not being able to view it yet)

                                      It only took about 20 minutes to finally burn the files to disc.

                                      Tried to play it on the computer using Cyberlink Power DVD which came with the package on the computer, would not recognise the DVD.

                                      Tried to play it on the dedicated separate Sony DVD player connected to the TV, as we usual do, would not recognise it.


                                      I have been very grateful for all your help but I don't know what else I or we can do.

                                      The very first two DVD projects successfully burned straight to disc, the first in in about 3 hours, the second in 5 hours.  Both of these play on the computer and on the dvd/Tv.  The Adobe software is therefore obviously capable of doing this so why it will not now either burn directly or to a folder and play has become extremely frustrating.  I have spent literally days now trying to do one dvd and you have been good enough to spend a considerable time helping but where can we go from here?  Any nore help you are prepared to would be appreciated.

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                                        Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

                                        It certainly shouldn't take 16 hours to create DVD files. In fact, with a reasonably powered computer, it should only take about twice the running time of your movie. Assuming you're using camcorder video and everything is set up properly.


                                        Once you've got your DVD files inside a VIDEO_TS folder, it's a fairly simple process to burn those files to a disc. You don't say how you're doing it, but I show you how to do it using the free download ImgBurn in my free tutorial at Muvipix.com.

                                        *** ImgBurn ***

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                                          KEANNITH Level 1

                                          Steve, Success!!!!!!!!. 

                                          Burned dvd using imgburn which was so easy to use. Have watched finished dvd on the tv and computer and very good quality. Well done.

                                          This leaves one problem the 16 hours it took Elements to encode media etc before burning.  As a family we cannot afford to tie-up the computer for that length of time and as you said this should not happen.

                                          The very first two dvd’s I did using Elements were fine, they were 55 minutes long and took about 2/3 hours to encode and I was able to burn them directly to disc.

                                          In your last message you said “if everything was set-up properly”.  I did not set-up anything for the first two dvd’s and would not know what to do anyway.  Should I be looking into doing something to overcome this problem, if so what?.

                                          To help you understand what I am using I have the following:

                                          Video camera is a JVC G2EX 515 BEK Full HD 1920x1080/1080P output.

                                          The computer is an Acer Aspire XC-605 (2 years old)

                                          743 gb free space in C

                                          983 gb free space in D

                                          Operating system Windows 8.1

                                          Processor is Intel core i5-4440 CPU@3.1GHZ 64 bit operating system, x64 based processor

                                          DVD device driver HL-DT-St DVDRAM GHA2N

                                          I have looked through the programs to see what program the computer came with and uses to encode the media but unfamiliar with what each one does I cannot at this time tell you what the computer is using.  If you have some suggestions I’ll look again.

                                          I unchecked the option to Use Hardware Acceleration as suggested has this had an effect in slowing down the process?  Although it would seem that once unchecking it the file did at least turn-up in Documents whereas the three previous attempts failed.


                                          I am sure the above spec's. mean something to you and perhaps may indicate where the 16 hour problem lies and how it can be overcome it in the future.

                                          Once again thanks so much for your forbearance and guidance.  Your time and effort has been rewarded and much appreciated.

                                          I look forward to your response to this last problem.

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                                            Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

                                            If the video from the camcorder the first clip on your timeline? The program uses the first clip to determine your project settings. If it's set it up correctly you will NOT see a yellow-orange "render" line above the first clip on your timeline until you add a fade or effect to it. Is that the case in your project?


                                            • 19. Re: burning disc failure
                                              KEANNITH Level 1

                                              Both the first project which I burned twice straight to disc taking 2/3 hours and the second project which took 16 hours just to encode were exactly the same. Both were also 55 minutes long.

                                              They start with a fade in to a photograph and fade out to the first video clip.  Both projects have the yellow/orange line one the timeline.

                                              They appear to be identical.

                                              • 20. Re: burning disc failure
                                                Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

                                                When you added your first clip to your timeline -- before you added a fade in -- did it have a render line above it?


                                                It should not have. To test it, temporarily jam another clip from this camcorder ahead of the one that's there so it's the first clip on the timeline. Do you see a render line over it?


                                                Meantime, go under the Edit menu and look at your Project Settings. Are they 1920x1080? What about the frame rate? You don't say what the frame rate of your original video is, but your project settings should match it.


                                                As I've said, the closer the project settings match your video specs, the smoother your whole operating will go.

                                                • 21. Re: burning disc failure
                                                  KEANNITH Level 1

                                                  Yes above the fade and photograph there is an orange line. As suggested I added a new clip at the start before the fade and photograph,but nothing was added above this clip on the timeline.

                                                  The only colour that appears on the time line is when a transition or title is added to the project.  When this happens an orange line appears above the transition/title, which turns green after rendering.  No (colour) is on the timeline above the video clips.

                                                  I noticed this time that when commencing rendering, changing the orange to green, the rendering stopped several times and I had to move the timeline indicator along to the end for it to complete turning all orange lines to green and then restart rendering, should this happen?


                                                  Yes under settings it states 1920x1080 25fps  Timecode . Editing mode 1080i. Under video render the check box is ticked for optimize stills.

                                                  The JVC camcorder is also 1920x1080 but I cannot find in the manual what fps it records/plays at. It is however 1080p output not 1080i.

                                                  • 22. Re: burning disc failure
                                                    Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

                                                    Then it's none of the usual suspects.


                                                    Unfortunately, I don't know what to suggest.

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                                                      KEANNITH Level 1

                                                      Steve I am sorry you feel you cannot help any further, however, I have appreciated all that you did.

                                                      There is a chance I may have found the cause for the abortive and extended encoding.  I noticed something strange when inspecting the timeline and made some adjustments.  This seems to have worked as I encoded the same project to a file which took just 1hour 30mins.  I did not burn it to a disc yet as what I want to try next now I think I have the answer is to try again but burn directly to a disc, as I did with the first couple of DVD's.  I'll let you know how it goes, as it might help someone else.

                                                      In the meantime when using Studio 9 I could fade the audio into and out of a transition, eliminating a sudden sound stop that I am getting with Elements.  By having this facility the final video is far more pleasant to view and listen to.  Is there a similar facility on Elements, if so how can I access it?  On Studio you would slide along the yellow audio bar to a point, make a mark which would then allow you to drag down the section of audio into/out of the transition. All that Elements seems to do is either raise or low the whole audio bar.

                                                      • 24. Re: burning disc failure
                                                        KEANNITH Level 1

                                                        Steve, I think the problem is with the Render process.

                                                        When I Rendered the project the panel came up, ran through the videos and closed, however, when going through the project I noticed not all the orange/yellow timeline bars had turned to green and the timeline indicator had stopped 19 minutes into the project.  I clicked Render again and once more it only a part. So I went to the end and clicked Render again and this time it turned all the orange/yellow bars to green.

                                                        I then Burned the project to a file which was successful.  I then did it all over again but this time I went to the end of the project before clicking Render. All went to green and this time burned directly to a disc, which was also successful.  Both took less than 2 hours to complete.

                                                        It would seem therefore that for some reason the when clicking Render it is stopping any ideas why?

                                                        Any thoughts on being able to fade the audio into and out of transitions?

                                                        • 25. Re: burning disc failure
                                                          KEANNITH Level 1

                                                          Steve back again.

                                                          I have not used premiere since May and have just complied a new dvd 54 minutes long.  although thinking I had solved the problem last time doing the same again doesn't work.  Please see above.  I have tried once to burn to folder and use imgburn, as suggested, but it took 6 hours to complete the burn and nowhere can I find the folder in my pc.  I have tried again to burn this time directly to disc but get the message "Status: no media present" when clearly there is 54 minutes worth including a menu. can you help?

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                                                            Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

                                                            Sorry, Keannith. I have no idea what is going on, based on the information you've provided.

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                                                              KEANNITH Level 1

                                                              Hi Steve.  Sorry you cannot understand.  Can you see the conversation we had in April/May?  I appreciate you have most probably responded to hundreds of queries since then but my page shows our dialogue.  If this is not now available I'll forward a copy.

                                                              However, once again I may (!!!) have resolved the problem of burning a completed project.  This time I have first turned of all internet security, then changed the preset power settings to off.  The latter was turning the computer into hibernation mode after 5 minutes.  I am not computer minded but perhaps this was slowing everything.  A point which maybe useful for other users.

                                                              I then burn to iso file and used your recommended imgburn software to make a dvd. A 30 minute project took 30 minutes to encode etc and less than 10 minutes to make a dvd. I have as yet not tried burning direct to a dvd from the project after making the adjustments to the computer.  But if it works again I shall be delighted.  Hope this is clear and helps someone else.


                                                              My only outstanding problem now is I cannot use the Movie Menus.  The reason being when I select (glass flowers) and enter the name of the project in "Add media here" (in my example "Japan 2016 video") it appears okay but after burning there is music on it which I don't want and the wording is scrambled, repeated twice, enlarged out of the window and has inserted into the wording various other symbols like the $,&<%<*<£<!. On the second page of the menu I can add where the markers are on the project and add titles, these do not get garbled like the opening page.  Do you know what is happening to the lead page?


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                                                                KEANNITH Level 1

                                                                Steve can you help with my previous message (8th Dec)? Thanks

                                                                • 29. Re: burning disc failure
                                                                  Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

                                                                  Sorry no. Hopefully someone else can help.