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    LR update not possible after CC licensing


      Dear all,


      I had an LR 6.1 testinstallation and bought CC (Fotography) yesterday. My operating system is Win7.1 Pro (64bit). While LR is able to sync with LR mobile, now (so CC is activated), I cannot update to LR6.5. The update function is greyed out. Thus I cannot import Fuji X-Pro2 RAW files. Help/About LR... tells me, that Adobe RAW 9.0 is used. A manual installation of 9.5 does not change this.


      I have tried several different LR installation procedures, singed our/in to the CC app, used the CC Clean Tool, renamed SLcache, restarted, ... nothing worked.


      Can anyone tell me what I need to do to get a recent update?


      Regards, Dieter