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    List in Object Inspector won't stay expanded...

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      I'm trying to watch the contents of a list in the Object Inspector. The
      length of this list changes over time through the use of "deleteOne" and
      "append" commands. The problem is that with up to 26 items in the list, you
      can't see the whole thing in the Object Inspector unless you hit the little
      + next to it to expand the list. This is okay, except that every time the
      list changes at all, the thing collapses back again, and you have to keep
      hitting the + again every time to expand it. Since these changes can happen
      fast, it makes it impossible to actually watch what's going on, since the
      list keeps collapsing. Is there any way to stop it from doing that? (I've
      done this sort of thing with lists all the time without problems, but I
      think it's the fact that the list changes in length that makes it happen.
      Lists that always stay the same length don't do it.)

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          I'm not sure how to fix your issue, but one trick you could use is to make
          the list a fixed length, longer than you need, no matter what:

          if myList.count < 40 then
          myList[40] = 0
          end if

          That way the list will always contain 40 elements, and just be a bunch of
          0's past your last element... Might help anyway.

          Dave -
          Adobe Community Expert

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            Good day,

            One thing you can do (probably not the most effecient) is instead of putting your entire list in the inspector, you make parts of it.
            If your list is called 'myList' then you can put
            myList[1] on the first line
            myList[2] on the second line
            myList[3] on the third line

            That way it can not collapse. Obviously it takes some time to do it like this but as I wrote before, although it is not the most efficient way, it works.