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    Performance issue across several apps


      Hi there,


      Being a frequent user of Illustrator, Photoshop and InDesign, I am fairly in tune with the performance speed and capabilities of these programs as they currently operate on my Windows 10 PC. I recently updated the Creative Cloud app (about a week ago) to the version and everything flowed in succession quite well. However I started to notice some slight lagging issues in Illustrator with the pen tool around this time. Whenever I was trying to draw a bezier, the coloured stroke that I had assigned was not showing up until I hovered the mouse pointer over the latest anchor point. Small stuff like that.


      I also recently updated my Nvidia graphics card drivers to the latest versions (can't remember if this was in response to noticing laggyness or coincidentally just before).


      Then whilst using Photoshop, the sluggish nature of opening dialogue boxes, fx panels, drop down menus and even simple resizing tasks slowly beame more apparent. Suddenly everything seemed to be operating as if it was pulling a ball and chain. I tried altering all the preferences that you hear about, increasing RAM, lowering Chache, history states, unchecking graphics processor (not sure which one I need to have it tbh), turning off rules, disabling font preview size, etc etc. I've uninstalled PS CC2016 and gone back to CC2014, which seemed to do the trick, but sure enough it has become slow and laggy again. Everything I do seems to come with a good 2 or 3 second delay. I can use it, but its painful.


      I have a feeling that this is something to do with my graphics card or something? It was never a problem for me before, but maybe with the update something has not made the transition correctly and its causing me all this grief. Illustrator and Indesign work, but they also are experiencing some sluggishness while trying to perform similar tasks. It just feels like the computer can't handle what it is I'm asking it to do, which is not much!


      My setup is:


      Windows 10 Home Version 1511

      Cintel(R) Core(TM) 13-2120 CPU @ 3.30GHz

      8.00 GB RAM

      54-bit OS x64-based processor

      GeForce GTX 560 Ti

      Driver Version 364.72

      1920x1080, 6Hz



      Can anyone lead me towards what might be the problem? I'm really at a loss as to where to go next and any advice would be muchly appreciated..!