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      Can I listen to the sound without "." on numpad? Voice in song too fast, I can't sync it with the text.

      P.S. Sorry for my English, not native.

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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

          Feel free to post in your native language. That's what the automated translation is for. Otherwise you need to provide proper technical info - system, version of AE, audio used and so on.



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            non76182577 Level 1

            I know. But translate will be not correct.

            Same question... How I can listen audio if voice is very fast on music?

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              Warren Heaton Adobe Community Professional

              When syncing text to vocals, I find it helpful to scrub the audio.  If you're on Mac, command click and drag.  If you're on Windows, Alt click and drag.


              I also find it helpful to place Layer markers and/or Composition markers at sync points before animating text.  (Layer markers and composition markers in After Effects )


              Since you described the voice in the song as being too fast, you might also find it helpful to slow down the Preview.  In the Preview panel, try setting the Frame Rate to a lower number.  If working at 24 fps or 23.98, try 12.  If working at 25, try 12.5.


              To change the Frame Rate, just click in the Frame Rate text field and enter the desired frame rate.


              Just remember to set it back later ("Auto" is usually good default choice).  If you find a slower frame rate helpful, you can assign it to one of the Preview Shortcuts.  When needed, I like to assign a slower Frame Rate to "Shift+Numpad 0".





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                non76182577 Level 1

                Ok, thanks a lot!