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    Email issues


      Once the user completes the form, they would click the "Submit" button. The "Submit" Button in the Object "Submit to URL:" I have it under me "mailto:xxx@xxx" and submitting as PDF. Now my question is how do you get this to say "get data from "Email" text field and then execute emailing of the form"? What I am asking is once the users complete the form "the field "Email" will be populated by the user's email, as that field is required. 


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          You need to submit using Adobe JS Actions; such as, mailDoc. There are multiple JS functions that perform similar actions. Using Adobe's built in Js functions requires client-side email software. JS is the least reliable way to send forms; because, not every user has their email software setup correctly.


          Another way is to submit to a server-side script; such as ASP.net. The script can send the form submission without client side email software. Using iText; you can parse the form field text box and inject it into the mail message TO field. You can also pass the script a TO: email address in a URL query string parameter and when the form is submitted.


          Note: Either way; the end-users will need Adobe Reader or a compatible PDF Reader in order to submit the PDF forms.


          For online examples visit the following website: