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    Local HSL Adjustments in Camera Raw




      I previously tried chatting with adobe help about this, but they weren't able to provide much useful information.  I'm sure this is something that other people have wondered at some point so I'm surprised I can't find more information about it anywhere.


      Basically, I want to make HSL adjustments (Selective color adjustments to specific tones) to only local portions of  an image.  For example, I'd like to remove the blues from an image, but not lose the coloring of the sky... Is there anyway to do this in adobe camera raw, and if not, does anyone know a workaround or plugin to achieve this?


      Currently, I have just been globally adjusting two versions of the image, in this example, one with blues desaturated, and one without.  Then I would mask out the sky and combine the resulting JPG;s.  Obviously this isn't very efficient so I was hoping there would be a way to do this directly in Camera raw.



      Any feedback is GREATLY appreciated