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    Creative Cloud Missing/Damaged After App Installation


      I can install the Creative Cloud app just fine.  But after I install my first app (Photoshop the first time), it then says that Creative Cloud is missing or damaged when I try to install another app.  The computer will then prompt me to download Creative Cloud again, but when I click on the installer a second time, it "opens" but nothing happens.


      The first time this happened, I uninstalled everything and then reinstalled Creative Cloud.  It installed correctly, and I installed InDesign (the first app for this second round), but it did the same thing - Creative Cloud was missing or damaged after that first installation and running the set-up again did nothing.  In addition to giving this message for the Creative Cloud, if I try to run the .exe setup for the app directly, it will start the configuration, then quit in the middle with no error message or anything - the installation box just goes away.


      Obviously, I would like to be able to have multiple Creative Cloud apps on my computer.