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    How do I setup a keyboard or mouse customization for scrolling timeline vertically (not horizontally)


      Hello all,


      I've been using Premiere Elements 11.0 in Windows 7 Ultimate for 3-4 months now and I would like to know if there is anyway to setup my mouse wheel or a keyboard shortcut or combination of the two for example (ctrl + mouse wheel) to scroll vertically through the Expert View Timeline window, preferably without losing the default horizontal scroll function. I know how to a setup keyboard customization, but haven't been able to find the option to do so for this specific function.


        The reason behind it is for most of my projects I have as many as nine or more camera angles of the same action being layered and want to be able to compare, switch between an so forth easier then moving the mouse cursor over to the scroll bar and moving up and down. I do this so I know which portions of each clip to keep or discard so I end up having the best angles for each portion of the action to combine or otherwise make adjustments to. I prefer to set my Video Track Display Style to show thumbnails throughout the clips so I end up being able to fit 6 or 7 tracks in the window if i minimize all the audio tracks (or deleting totally useless ones) while leaving the video tracks large enough so the thumbnails just big enough to see whats going on. And that's using my Dual Monitor Workspace on twin 24 inch monitors. It would save me a lot of time if I could just hit a button on the keyboard and use my mouse wheel to scroll up and down through the clips so I could switch back and forth through them faster and easier.


      Is there anyway to do what I'm asking in Elements? I'll probably step up to Pro eventually but not ready for it yet, it's still a bit out of my league being self taught and all. If anyone has any tips on this I'll grant you 3 wishes! Well, actually I can't do that, but I certainly would owe you one. Thank you in advance to any who offer any assistance.