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    Lightroom User Presets missing after migrated to new computer

    fitzarc Level 1

      Currently have Lightroom 4 (but soon upgrading to LR6), I have migrated LR4 to new Desktop and copied back up LR4 catalog successfully. However, In the Presets folder, the default presets were there but not my user presets and local brush adjustment presets. I checked in LR4 at Preferences/ Presets at LR4 on my old computer and user presets and local brush adjustment presets were shown but I had not ticked the Store Presets with catalog box. I thought that explained why they were not in Preset folder on new PC.


      On the new PC, had to replace a failed hard drive. This time I ticked the store presets with catalog box and made a new back up catalog. Copied the LR4 Back Up Catalog to new PC, again successfully except had the same problem, default presets were shown but no user presets or local brush adjustment presets in presets folder. Can anyone help me resolve this issue