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    Problem redeeming $9.99 Dollar Photo Club Offer in Brazil


      Hi, I`m Creative Cloud subscriber and I was Dóllar Photo Club member. 

      I followed all the guidelines for migration Dollar Photo Club to Adobe Stock. I made several questions to the support to perform the procedure correctly and I was transfer my 88 credits to the Adobe Stock.


      There was also a promotion with the following statement: "DPC members transferring their downloads into Adobe Stock will be offered a special bridge promotion of 10 images per month for only $9.99/m ($0.99 for each additional image) valid for the first year, before renewal at normal rate ($29.99/m) at year two*. You may cancel at any time. "


      I tried in every way to effect this promotion and received the following information: See below:



      I contacted Adobe support via chat and was told to call the phone support. Adobe says it has no knowledge of this promotion and you should look for Dollar Photo Club to receive the guidance of the mechanics of this promotion.


      I want to subscribe this promotion ($ 9.99 for 10 monthly images) regardless if my area is covered or not the licenses. Is there any resolution or link for my area?



      I appreciate the attention.