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    How to secure a Web App Item user submitted file?

    Todd H&M

      In the past I heard that Web App items can be put in a secure area to make the form field data secure by default, but that files submitted this way are not secure.


      Is this still true and, if so, has anyone come up with a work around?


      Chat basically said that the files would need to be manually removed for each web app item submitted and then put in the Media Downloads database and then linked to from there. While that is technically a solution my client will see it as too much trouble.


      If memory serves, some in the past have suggested using the CRM system and regular Web Forms. Is this a secure way to have users submit files and then stored somewhere that would be secure?


      Anyway, I know this has been a long running sore spot for many partners and I'm hoping by now there's some sort of solution. Guess I don't understand why Adobe can't allow us a way to simply indicate a folder as secure like you can on other servers.


      Any ideas?