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    Paragraph shading is not refresh automatically

    prtamil Level 1

      I am using in cc 2015.3 (Windows 7 os). A custom anchor object is placed at beginning of paragraph which holding icon. Paragraph is styled with shading option. When I relink the image in anchored object, paragraph shading is gone for the height of the anchored image frame (rest of lines in that para is still having the shading). If I refresh the shading by disable the shading and enable it aging without any changes it comes correct. Unfortunately my document contains 100+ anchor objects hanging in shaded paras.


      May I know why this shading is refreshed automatically is there any bug in indesign? And if I create the PDF without shading PDF reflects the same. I do not want to clear my temp preferences for each and every document.


      Before relink



      After relink