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    ID CC 2015 Links Not Showing in Links Panel

    SueCampbell54 Level 1

      In the past two weeks no links have been showing in the links panel in any document. The panel is just totally blank.


      Things I've tried:

      Trashing the preferences. (Yes. Twice.) Restarting the system, etc.

      Saving a document as IDML — has no effect.  On images already placed or newly placed images.

      All images are placed not pasted. I have tried placing using keyboard cmds to place images or by drag and drop from finder or Bridge—makes no dif. Also, whether the images is on my hard drive or across a server doesn't seem to make a difference either.


      As far as I can tell I have no corrupted extensions or add ons to the system. (Though I don't honestly know what to look for.)


      Fonts are all OTF, and not oddball ones, I am running Extensis Suitcase, though it's never been an issue of late.


      Opening the exact same IDML file in ID 2014 shows the links in the the links panel as per normal. I am running the same Multi-Find/Change plugin in both versions of ID so it can't be that.


      This must be something with CC 2015.


      Any ideas?