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    How to display a 10 digit phone number in three text fields



      I'm using Adobe Acrobat DC and need to save the hassle of requesting a revised form from 3rd party. The phone number fields are divided into three fields as opposed to a single field. I have the custom keystroke script that only works when the user fills in the number manually. However this form is generated by an interface (pulled from database tables) and the way the script is written (assuming the problem is with the script) it only populates the area code (first three characters) and never fills the rest. Is there a way to get around this?

      the following is placed in field #6 and repeated in field#7..


      if (event.change != "")


      var str = event.value + event.change;

      if (str.length >= 3 ) // three chars allowed


      // go to next field







      Your help is truly appreciated!

      - Edgar