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    robohelp2015 stack overflow


      J'utilise Robohelp 2015 update 3 sur Windows 7 64 bits avec Visual Source Safe 2005 et je viens d'avoir le message d'erreur stack overlow à l'ouverture du projet.

      Quelqu'un a une idée du problème ???

      Limite de l'ordinateur, de la mémoire, du nombre de fichier maximum atteint ???


      Si je travaille le projet en mode local sans utiliser Vss, je n'ai pas cette erreur ...



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          Amebr Level 4

          Have you been using this PC and software versions for  some time, or have you just received a new PC?


          If it's a new PC I would check that VSS 2005 is compatible with Window 7 64-bit first, as that program is quite old. Also make sure you have all the patches installed. Also check that you have the most recent version of the MSSCCI Provider software installed. There might also be 32-bit and 64-bit versions, so check that as well.


          If it is an old PC and the error has just started to appear, perhaps a recent Windows patch has broken something, but I can't help with any specific suggestions I'm afraid.


          Edit: As you say Robohelp works fine if you do not use source control, I suspect a problem with the MSSCCI provider software.

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            dprii74590606 Level 1

            This computer is used since december 2015 with Robohelp2015 update 2 and Visual Source Safe 2005 and it's work well since there until now.

            This computer is a HP 800 with 8 gigs of ram and a processor Intel Core I5-4670 at 3.40 Ghz

            We didn't made Windows updates on March and April 2016.

            We use the last available version of VSS 2005

            We made Robohelp update 3 last Monday because we have Stak Overflow error, and it's indicated like fix bugs in update 3

            Is this because the project itself is now too big (18 595 files, 31 folders, 339 megs) ???

            What are the limitations of Robohelp 2015 (in tems of files or maximum size in gigs/megs for the project ???


            Thank you again.

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              Willam van Weelden Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              The projects is rather large, but I haven't heard about RH crashing on this amount of topics since many versions ago. (X5 and before)


              Is this the only project that gives this error? Have you also tried removing the source control from a COPY of the project to see if that changes the situation? (See: RoboWizard  on how to remove the source control)


              Please also log a bug with Adobe: Home Logging a bug makes it more likely that it will be solved.