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    Adobe supersede Quicktime for Mac and PC?

    matthew_dotco Level 1

      Why don't adobe make their own codec / quicktime thing? It makes sense really. Install that with creative cloud for pro formats, and do a free web version (like a video equivalent of Adobe Reader) as a player. This will unify the experience between Mac and Windows users further and push Adobe further into the centre of the video world



      Free version - make it so windows and mac users can scrub through frame by frame, but essentially make it quite simple.

      Pro version could have a bit of the capability of AME - so you can export other version directly from the player - but make it a lot simpler than AME.


      It should be more stable and less 'wack 'looking than VLC. It should look solid, and feel solid, and not have millions of weird features and too many keyboard shortcuts. Like it was designed by Jonny Ive! Solid, simple, effective. no Lag! A bit like an improved version of the quicktime player on a mac, but on both platforms

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          matthew_dotco Level 1

          I see what you're saying, but it wasn't really what I was getting at.


          Codecs compatibility is certainly needed for pro apps, but I was hoping that adobe could maybe create their own 'standard' playback app - like a 'QuickTime player App'


          Because most playback apps suck. I only really only ever liked Quicktime on a mac. VLC, whilst good in many ways, feels cheap and has all these features that get in the way. It's good for playing the 'any format' (i.e. weird/modern movie wrappers etc) but it isn't very nice to play back video.


          What I like about quicktime player (on a mac) - is that you can play back and scroll about frame by frame, without having to open premiere etc and really analyse other peoples work. It's responsive and feels like it's only as complicated as it needs to be. and a 'standard' that works the same across platforms is pretty much in line with what Adobe tries to do elsewhere across the other creative cloud applications.


          So I guess what i was hoping was for adobe to make a lovely playback app which works on Mac or Windows. They make lots of money now through Creative Cloud and by making a nice playback app, they cement their place at the centre of the video market amongst consumers as well as pros.

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            Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

            There's any number of ways to play clips and image sequences frame by frame, so I don't see it happen. There's just not the market for it. Most commercial RAM players/ flipbook apps have been integrated into compositing tools already, anyway.