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    Downloading to FlashDrive


      I'm wondering if there is anything I can do with the videos that I am making. My computer is the surface pro 3, which doesn't have the CD drive with it. Is there a way I can download on a flash drive then transfer to another computer to download on to a CD???

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          whsprague Adobe Community Professional

          You gave little useful information about PrE version or what you are trying to play your video on.


          I have no idea what you mean by "download".  Usually that means getting something from the internet and "downloading" to you computer.  Premier Elements has no "download" commands in any of its menus in any version.


          Best guess is that current useful procedures are to output your video as an MP4 file to anything your computer can use.  It should be universal enough to play on almost everything from Blu-Ray players to computers.  The MP4 file can be put on any media from CDs to SD cards.

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            saurabha6421724 Level 1

            In Disc, there is a option to export to ISO.

            You can copy the above iso file to any computer and then burn DVD from it using Windows Disc Burner utility or by just right clicking it on the ISO file and selecting Burn Disc.


            In Premiere Elements 13:

            1) Go to Publish + Share

            2) Select Disc

            3) From the Type dropdown select ISO instead of Disc


            In Premiere Elements 14

            1) Go to Export & Share

            2) Select Disc-->DVD

            3) From the Type dropdown select ISO instead of Disc




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