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    Pasting Table into Indesign Report


      Hi, I have created a table with content in one indesign file however whenever I try to paste it into another, the formatting disappears and I am left with a different file.


      So the file i want to transfer is this:

      Table .png


      However It comes out in the other report as this:

      Paste in Report .png


      The reports are the same size (A4) and it will not give me an option to 'Paste without formatting'.


      This is my first time using Indesign so it may just be something stupid. Please can anyone help.

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          Willi Adelberger Most Valuable Participant

          I suppose you are not working with styles as it is needed.

          1. Work completely with styles: Paragraph, Character, Object, Table and Cell Styles.
          2. Don't use empty paragraphs. In your first screen shot you have 2 pages but a single table. The second page is not the follow up of the first, it is the extension of the first page. I would recommend to add these 9 columns as addtional columns to the first table and insert another column in the midst from left page right margin to the right page left margin.
          3. Take care that both documents have the same baseline grid settings or work with frame based baseline grid setting which you should set up with an object stye (you work not with a dedicated correct object style).
          4. Take care that no conflicting paragraph styles are used in both documents
          5. I would recommend to bring the headline out of the table as a headline should not be part of it. Create a specific paragraph style with span columns. Otherwise you would not be able to create TOCs automatically.
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            Laubender Adobe Community Professional & MVP


            the pink text you are seeing in your headline on the second screenshot is indicating, that the needed font(s) is (are) not availbale and a substitution font for representing something is used by InDesign to draw the glyphs to screen.


            Check the 731 errors on your live preflight!
            (The red dot at the bottom of your window)