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    Preview issues with iMac 5k

    byron bay images

      Dear all iMac 5k users. For those of you having problems with the 5k and lightroom writing everything to a full 1:1 preview size and therefore slowing down when doing adjustments and when previewing a new image i have some news that  seemed previously hard to find.

           Adobe has finally admitted that there is a problem with the 5k basically ignoring the catalogue preview settings and that the 5k is writing everything to a 1:1 preview file which is obviously much larger than the smaller and lower quality preview that you may have tried to set in your catalogue 'File Handling' preview cache settings. Which means every adjustment takes several seconds even with heaps of ram etc etc..

           Basically we now have to wait for an update, of which we have already had at least one to my knowledge, come on Adobe this is driving me mad, i am wasting a lot of time for images to load and adjust ........david  david@davidyoung.com.au and www.davidyoung.com.au