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    SVG workflow

    chriso58071421 Level 1

      I'm looking into how XD can fit into my workflow, My ideal workflow would be:


      Wireframes in XD > Export SVG > Skin and make look good in Illustrator


      At the moment when I export my wireframes from XD into SVG format and then try and open them in illustrator not all the content is there. It pops up with a message first to do with minify and then opens the white art board with only a selection of some of the content.


      The reason I want to skin the site in illustrator is it has more scope for creating interesting stuff where is XD is limited. I see the value in XD from a wireframe perspective so my clients can see the user flow and the positioning of the content grid. But it's just trying to get the wireframes into Illustrator.


      Hope someone has some advice or if Adobe support could think of a better way etc.


      Look forward to hearing peoples views on their particular workflows.