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    Problem with keywording and searching


      Hi everyone


      New user here to lightroom.


      I have been busy uploading photos and going through the keywording process for each image, however, when doing a quick search in a small group of 35 photos for 2 keywords that appear in any photo together (Mary and Jane), it only pulled up 2 out of 5 photos that had "Mary" and "Jane" in them.


      I have checked and double checked all the keywords to make sure they are identical for the 5 photos that contain both Mary and Jane in them, but it has me stumped as to why it will only pull up 2 of them?


      Has anyone had a similar problem? I am worried now, that it will do this for other image collections.


      I basically want to use lightroom for tagging all our photos to identify people, so when it comes to special occassions where we want to find a photo of myself and "Jane" I can search those 2 names and bring up every single photo in the entire library that we both appear in.


      Any help will be appreciated.