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    Awesome is as awesome does. Thank you for being awesome!

    Preran Adobe Employee

      In the three months that went by, we went from being a Flash Pro forum to Adobe Animate forum. While the spirit of the forum and the product essentially remains the same, what excited us was to see both our forum page views and the number of forum posts double since the announcement. Despite the increase in the number of forum posts, we have seen very little difference to the response rate. This is in a large part to the excellent contributions from our various contributors and experts on this forum.


      A special round of thanks to our most prolific contributors this year: Colin Holgate, kglad, Clay's Unique UID, and robdillon.


      On behalf of Adobe and our team, we thank all contributors for the excellent help provided on the forums. We will continue to do our best to make sure that we stay true to addressing concerns expressed here by working with the relevant teams at Adobe.



      ... and being part of the amazing Adobe journey.