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    Creating an Installer for a script




      I like to make an installer for our scripts, there are a few jsx files and some images we're using. I like to copy the images in an folder in the user directory and the jsx files in the 'Startup Scripts' folder, I'm creating own menus for my scripts.


      I'm trying to use the Adobe Extension Manager at the moment. Copying to a folder in user directory is simple, I'm using the $userhomefolder. But how can I access the script folder? I can start with $userhomefolder\AppData\Roaming\Adobe\InDesign - but how to get Versions and Language of the installed InDesign application now? Can the Adobe Extension Manager can show a list of the installed InDesign versions to give the user the choice?


      Is anybody here using the  Extension Manager to make installers and can give me some hints?