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    Running InDesign Server CC 2015 on WIN Server 2012 R2?


      Does anyone know if InDesign Server CC 2015 is fully supported on WIN Server 2012 R2?

      Because Adobe just says "WIN Server 2008 R2" or "WIN Server 2012" (System requirements for InDesign Server ).

      I installed it, but some circumstances are strange ("MMC could not create the snap-in"; I know there should be a work around (Installing InDesign Server CC 2015 – Troubleshooting for Sitecore PXM | Sitecore Endeavor ), but it doesn"t work.

      Another situation: a process on another server should handle data to IDS, but he coudn't see IDS at the given http address (ping is possible, port is verified.).


      So I come to the question: is InDesign Server CC 2015 fully supported on WIN Server 2012 R2?