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    Purchased PDF e-books not searchable in ADE?

    Nathaniel Comfort

      Hi, all--

      I have searched the forums and not found this question answered.

      When I purchase an e-book (on Google Play), I can usually download either epub or pdf versions. PDF books are not searchable in Adobe Digital Editions. The same book is searchable when I download the epub version, and if I add another pdf to my ADE library, it is searchable. It's just the books purchased on Google Play.


      The problem is, I just bought a book that I need for my research and it is only available in PDF--no epub. The book is searchable in Google Play. But I will need to read it at times when I do not have wifi access (plus, having books all over the place wreaks havoc with my note-taking workflow).


      Is this a known problem? How could a pdf not be fully featured in an *Adobe* product?


      Solutions, workarounds, or sympathetic consolation welcome (in that order).


      Using ADE 4.5.1 on a 2015 Airbook running Yosemite (10.10.5).