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    Cannot generate file names in French without accents and other special characters




      I have a french version of a large project that works perfectly in English.


      The french version, linked in from FrameMaker, also works on my machine, but when delivered to the developers the file names in the URL, with accents and other special characters, creates many problems. I therefore need to generate a version that generates HTM files that override the special characters in French.


      The default project is in French, in Tools > Options I have checked User underscores in File Names, to no avail.


      As a workaround I have set the field Topic Name Pattern to file names only, followed by <n>, which partially solves the problem in that the file names are in English. However, the search function now poses a problem: the links from a search are on the file names, which are in English, which is not acceptable.


      Surely there is a way to automatically override the french file names and produce URLs that work once the output is integrated into the product, while retaining a search function that displays links on the original french text without overrides... ?


      I would be delighted if someone could indicate a solution over the next couple of days.


      All forums have already been checked and I have found many people with the same problem, but have not been able to find a suitable solution.


      Ps. the projects are large and manually changing file names is out of the question.


      Kind regards and many thanks,