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    Nexus 4 crashes when doing anything.

    malehvor Level 1

      Does Capture CC support the Nexus 4? My application froze during the "tutorial" and I had to force close it. It crashes with "Unfortunately, Adobe Capture has stopped." on pretty much every interaction:

      • Tapping on the "My Library" drop-down
      • Tapping on the Brushes tab, clicking on the Looks tab.
      • Colors and Shapes work to a point:
        • Colors crashes when I actually take the photo by clicking the camera, or once I select a photograph from my gallery.
        • Shapes crashes during or once it finishes the "smoothing shape" step.

      So basically the app is unusable. Is this a use case for the Nexus 4 or something? Capture CC showed up as compatible on the Play Store.