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    Books in Overdrive do not appear in Adobe Digital Additions


      Please note the following points:-


      1. The problem is with Adobe Digital Editions.


      2. Adobe did confirm when I asked, that my copy is authorised satisfactorily.


      3. I have updated to the latest versions of Overdrive and Adobe Digital Editions on Ipad and PC running Windows 10.


      5. Overdrive works perfectly and enables me to download library books and read them.


      6. The same books  do not appear in Adobe Digital Editions or as files in the 'My Digital Editions' folder.


      7. Adobe Digital Editions recognises my Kobo, but I am unable to transfer the books because they do not appear in Adobe Digital Editions.


      Please could you supply me with some helpful advice. I cannot understand why the books that I borrowed do not appear in both. I tried downloading a further book to see if it appeared. It shows in Overdrive but does not appear in Adobe Digital Editions.


      Many thanks for your help