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    After I cancelled by creative cloud;  Adobe is now blocking me from launching my own Photoshop CS6 , which I have been usng for 4 years;  how can we fix this problem?


      I used my Photoshop CS6, which I own and have ser. no. for the past 4 years;  I purchased the Adobe Creative Cloud subscription and used it for about the past year;  I cancelled the Creative Cloud as of April 15, 2016 and Adobe acknowledged it by email.  I wanted to go back and start using my own CS6. On April 16, 2016,  When I tried to launch my Photoshop CS6, Adobe Creative Cloud screen appears and blocks me;  the screen continues with an hour glass forever!  Has anyone else run into this problem?   I also uninstalled ALL Adobe Creative Cloud applications from my computer, which uses Windows 8.1