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    Key Framing or Timeline Problem


      So I was making an Outro with the awesome Adobe After Effects that I wanted so bad and I was following the simple tutorial and I noticed there were a bunch of things different from the tutorial and mine.When he started key framing I noticed that his timeline bar is all yellow, mine was blue. The timeline bar also ran smoothly like it would stop at like 1.5 second or 1.8 second. Mine would only stop at only integer numbers. Like if I wanted to go to 1.5 on the timeline, it would refuse and go to 2. I tried it again and it did the same. It got annoying because I couldn't really animate anything if your key framing doesn't work. I wanted my outro to pop but I cant do that because my key framing is glitched. To the bottom is a picture of the time line in yellow. Mine is exactly the same but in blue, and only stops at integer numbers.


                                                                 |   At the little line I typed you can see the timeline bar is yellow.

         |        |   At the two lines I typed you can see the time is also in yellow



      Any feedback is would be the best! Thanks!