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    How to send an InDesign file with the Color Palette and a Font included?


      Hello --


      I am collaborating on an InDesign project with a designer who is not located within my office.  I want to send him the InDesign file that I have started, so that he can finish it properly with his skillset.


      However, I would like to also include a Color Palette, which contains my firm's preferred colors, as well as a Font that I have licensed for my use, so that he may use these in my project design.


      Is there a way to include with an InDesign file that I am transmitting via email, a Color Palette and a Font? 


      Also, what is the best / easiest way to create the Color Palette?  (I have the colors I use for my business already in HEX and RGB codes, so I can easily input them into a Color Picker.  Nevertheless, I am new to InDesign and do not know where to begin adding these.)


      I would appreciate it if you could answer my questions directly and / or refer me to a video tutorial, as I would like to learn more about working with InDesign, but I learn best with video training.


      Thank you very much for your kindest consideration of my query.  I look forward to and will await your replies.


      Best regards,


      ~AntonioD :-)