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    Other elements alternate text failed

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      My first time making a PDF with accessibility requirements. So far everything has been really easy to fix but i just can't figure out how to fix this section - other elements alternate text (see photo).. it's the only thing not passed. Appreciate any instructions or advice on how to go about fixing this.. I have tried the 'explain' rule from adobe help but this really isn't making any sense to me either

      thank you!


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          olafdruemmer Level 3

          You should use tools that provide more specific guidance, and align with the requirements for tagged PDF as defined in the ISO 14289-1 standard (PDF/UA):

          - PAC 2 - PDF Accessibility Checker v2 (free, Windows only, standalone)

          - callas pdfaPilot - PDF/UA validation (which is always free/enabled in this otherwise commercial product, Mac and Windows, either standalone or runs as Acrobat Pro plug-in)

          - callas pdfGoHTML - diagnostic structure viewer (free, Mac and Windows, Acrobat Pro Plug-in)