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    Is there an option which allows me to download Capture-created SVGs freely without a paid Creative Cloud subscription?


      I do not have a paid Adobe CC subscription (I'm only on the free tier), but I have used Capture to create an SVG. The captured graphic is saved to my CC library as an SVG. I want to export the SVG to use elsewhere. If I try to share or save that graphic to, say, an email attachment or to my Google Drive, from within the Capture app, the app only allows the graphic to be exported as a JPEG. If I log into my CC account and access my stored files from a desktop browser, there is no option to export. I get that the whole point of apps like Capture is to pressure users to buy CC subscriptions, but is the ecosystem so incredibly closed that my only options when using Capture are to either (A) export saved SVGs as JPEGs or (B) commit to a monthly subscription to the desktop version of, say, Illustrator? Is there another option which allows me to actually access and use my SVGs freely? If the answer is "no", it's a deal breaker; if the answer is "yes", I'm anxious to learn more.