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    WS Call from VB 6

      We developed a Webservice which is to be consumed from a VB 6 application. The Webservice was tested by a CF client as well as a client generated by altovas xmlSpy. Both times it worked fine.
      When the VB application attempts to consume the Webservice it (the VB App) throws the following errorcode:

      WSDLReader:Analyzing the WSDL file failed HResult=0x80070057-
      WSDLReader:No service entry found HResult=0x80070057

      Can anyone help?
      Thanks alot

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          Ran into the same problem with the 3rd version of the sdk for VB6 and couldn't find a solution other than to use the CFC.cfc?method=blah&param1=blah1... solution. You can role your own soap envelopes as well, but CF needs certain things to be in the header for it to recognize that it is a webservice request.