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    Foreign characters do not seem to be supported when editing PDFs to translate them in French


      Greetings, Acrobat Pro Users!

      As a French translator, I have used Acrobat since its very first versions. I have now acquired Acrobat Standard Pro DC.

      As a translator, I use the product to edit PDFs written in English to create French language documents.


      One of the typical documents one comes across is... the certificate, as US Citizens who live abroad need to translate birth, marriage, divorce papers and certificates into French to secure residency, apply for work permits, etc.

      Conversely, French citizens residing or traveling in the United States often need to have their own vital records documents translated into English.


      Acrobat Pro DC offers the possibility to edit the document itself, allowing to use the same design and fonts used in the document.


      Unfortunately, accented characters often display inside a word using a different font and a different size, as if all the fonts did not use the extended ASCII table, which seems unlikely.

      Is there a way to display accented characters correctly in all fonts while editing a PDF?


      It seems unlikely that Adobe Acrobat Pro DC would be lacking in this instance.

      Thank you in advance for your suggestions...