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    Problem authorizing the .ascm files i downloaded from over drive.


      My computer has been using ADE find for a while now, but today when trying to open the files from overdrive, i keep getting an error.


      Screenshot (9).png

      Theres no reason for this, as my computer has been an authorized device for a long time.


      These are the steps i tried, but none has worked:


      -closed and reopened the program

      -restarted my PC

      -uninstalled and reinstalled ADE (version 4.5.1)

      -Deauthorizing the device....and hoping to reauthorize... but i got an error also, when i tried to deauthorize.


      Screenshot (8).png


      Any ideas on how to fix this?


      PS, could it be overdrives fault? I downloaded the .ascm like 2 minutes before trying to load them into ADE.