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    'Transform each'. how to scale each group within a shape layer automatically?

    matticus AV

      I have a AI file of a fish composed entirely of dots. Hundreds. When I transform it to a shape layer I then want every dot to scale up from 0%, from each dot's centre, NOT from the entire fish's centre. Basically what "transform each" does in AI. Is there anyway of doing it without having to apply a transform to each and every group inside the shape layer itself, maybe expressions or a plug-in or another method? I did a map of australia last week manually and it nearly drove me insane*. And that was only 50 groups.


      The only other way I can think of is to initially make each dot a separate layer in illustrator, which would be a headache but would still be better than the manual method.


      * the reason for insanity is that when you copy/paste attributes from each group within a shape, there's a chance it will replace that group's path with the one you copy/pasted the attributes from. I haven't 100% figured out the rhyme or reason of this