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    FEATURE REQUEST: Multiple Layers in Adobe Clip


      Hey guys,


      Just wondering if there is anyway i could add a watermark to a video in adobe project? Would love to be able to have multiple layers so i can add a watermark ontop of a video and do that all from within Clip



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          kirker Level 4

          Hey Jeff,

          Unfortunately, this isn't possible right now only using Clip. I'm going to change this post into a feature request so that the Clip team can see your feedback. Thanks!


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            I can't say enough how critical this feature is for me and an entire curriculum that is looking at apps for teaching a mobile production workflow (we already teach Premiere Pro on the desktop).

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              bronwyn-lewis Adobe Employee

              Hi James,


              Thanks so much for your feedback & feature request! Please stay tuned.


              We'd also love to hear more about what you are working on and teaching. Would you be open to talking more?




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                radione Level 1

                Hi Bronwyn,


                I teach mostly "toolbox" courses at the college level, which are production/design courses that introduce new advertising, journalism, and digital media students to various techniques and parts of the creative suite.  I also team teach in journalism and run a lab where we offer workshops and introduce new tools and technology to other faculty.


                All of our Mac labs have CC device licenses and we recently started installing the CC Desktop app because it has been a huge boon to have students sign up for the free CC accounts.  They sync files between lab classrooms and open labs, some with their laptops, all with their phones for things like Capture and Premiere Clip.


                The toolbox class only covers video for about 3 class periods out of an entire semester and these are advertising majors, so it goes fast and it needs to be approachable.  I recently started having them shoot on their phones and edit on the desktop, but these are short pieces that are not complicated.  Students take to Premiere Pro remarkably quickly, but for social media and mobile journalism the more that can be done directly on their devices (mix of iOS and Android) the better.  Having the connection to Premiere Pro lets us easily import content, but a full-featured Premiere Clip would let us do the first project fully mobile, focus more on fundamentals, then expand that workflow for the second project to include editing on the desktop.


                Always interested in discussing further, let me know if you need contact info or want to PM me directly here.



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                  bronwyn-lewis Adobe Employee

                  Hi Jeff,


                  Just wanted to say we've heard your request. Please stay tuned!