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    Crash during unicode data merge




      I have a voucher in InDesign where I'm trying to generate unique codes. I have a unicode file (saved from a csv file) with 15,000 lines. When I try to conduct a data merge to create 15,000 vouchers, my InDesign crashes. Anyone who can tell me what is happening?


      What do you need to look into this and where can I find it?


      Thank you...


      BTW: We have already tried to reset preferences. I works when we done it sucessfully with 20 vouchers. I am using InDesign x64 Build.

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          Jeffrey_Smith Most Valuable Participant

          Are you merging to a new document, or exporting to pdf when Indesign crashes? If exporting, what level of PDF are you using? You will want to use PDF 1.7


          In either scenario, you should optimize the static content of document, like sampling image to finished size and resolution.


          Try breaking data source into multiple sections and then multiple merges. Try saving source data as tab-delimited. What encoding are you using UTF-8 or UTF-16? Have you tried different encodings?