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    Lightroom CC keeps waiting for connection and does not synchronize pictures

    Marchel Snoei

      Lightroom CC keeps waiting for connection en shows that it will synchronize X pictures (upper left hand corner) but does not synchronize them.

      I checked my Internet connection and it's up (I can reached any chosen website)


      Lightroom is up-to-date

      I tried to disconnect en reconnect both Internet and Adobe account, without succes

      No difference if I launch Lightroom directly or in the Creative Cloud app

      I tried to rename the syc.lrdata folder. Lightroom makes a new folder says it will synchronize all pictures, but does nothing.


      Every now and them 1 or 2 pictures actually synchronize, but then synchronization stops again.


      It looks like Lightroom I not able to get a good connection with Lightroom Mobile. Is there anything I can do? As I said Internet is up (and stable).


      Thanks for your help!