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    Same image Different resolution in AE en PS

    Jason Reese

      Link to File : https://f1.creativecow.net/9999/exr-for-ae-en-photoshop#10000


      I have a rendered footage in openexr (exr) format. When i import this in AE or Premiere the resolution is 479 x 853.

      It should be 480 x 854.


      The image is rendered in 480 x 854.


      When i open this in photoshop the dimensions are correct => 480 x 854


      So in AE en Premier its 1 pixel less from every side.


      I will upload the image so you can see it your self.



      PS: My workaround is to write a little script in photoshop which opens and saves the files. After doing this AE opens the files with the normal resolution, but i have so many files...i wish i could know what's going on.