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    AJA card causing crashes and playback issues with PP and AE


      I am using a Mac Pro 6.1 250GB SSD, 64GB RAM, 3GHz 8 core X5 OSX 10.10.5 running Premiere Pro and After Effects CC15.


      Unfortunately I am having a lot of issues with playback through an AJA KONA LHi (in a Sonnet PCIe chassis) as well as an AJA IOXT (Same issues tried both cards NOT at the same time by the way)


      I need a HDMI and SDI output as I do online editing for broadcast television.


      After reinstalling the Mac from factory many times, after a few weeks I get the same sort of issues with Premiere Pro. Many crashes, stuttery playback, glitches when hitting spacebar, delay when hitting spacebar etc. Every time I reinstall, a new issue occurs. However if I work with hardware playback off none of these issues occur. This seems to happen a lot with just Premiere however I need to use After Affects at the same time and that makes matters worse. Even if I disable hardware before moving back and forth between both programs, it doesn't make much of a difference. I have tried every AJA driver for both cards, still no joy. I know I have the correct AJA control panel settings for my output (I am not a novice, been doing this line of work for years) i need my output set to 1080 25p or 1080 25i.


      Is it that Adobe hates AJA hardware? When I used to use Avid Media Composer I never had any of these issues....


      Is there a different video card I should use that is PCIe or thunderbolt based that can output both a HDMI and SDI signal?


      Any help appreciated,