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    Acrobat 10 editing a file


      Acrobat 10 editing a file - we get an error: "the document could not be saved. the file may be read-only or another user may have it open. please save the document with a different name or in a different folder." A workaround we found was to close the windows explorer window and then hit save, which worked. I did check for updates on Acrobat X, there were none. Is this an issue with Acrobat X? If we upgrade to XI would we still have this issue? Either way, is there a fix to this issue?

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          try67 MVP & Adobe Community Professional

          Disable the Preview panel in Windows Explorer and it should solve this issue.

          And you can't upgrade to XI any more, only to DC, where this problem was solved by removing the thumbnails features of the PDF files in Explorer.

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            DillonWalshVT Level 1

            I am having same problem consistently in Acrobat XI - I am not using Windows, am using Mac OS. Adobe tells me there is no phone support for this very expensive product. Absolute nonsense.


            Every time I try to update a PDF and save it using a different file name, but save it to same folder I get the same message. I didn't pay for this software so that I'd need to save all my PDF's to a new folder in a different location. Adobe needs to fix this.