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    Acrobat DC Pro Image Find and Replace


      I'm attempting to find a way to find and replace images within a PDF, using Acrobat DC Pro. 


      I have company logos branding the PDF on every page and would like a way to automate the process of finding and replacing new logo images that I am currently placing in the document.


      There are going to be multiple phases of re branding and multiple logo changes in the future.


      This way when re branding has to be done in the future, we simply find the new logo images we are currently inserting and replace them with a different logo image.


      Does anyone know if this is possible?

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          try67 MVP & Adobe Community Professional

          This is not the kind of editing that should be done in PDF files, and there is no option in Acrobat to do a search & replace on images (not even sure how that would work... how would you define the search criteria?).

          However, at a pinch you could simply overlay the new image on top of the old one (using a button form field, for example), and assuming it always appears at the same location on the page, duplicate it to all pages.

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            AnsaldoNB Level 1

            Yes, i'm aware that it should not be done in PDF files, however i'm working with some very old documents that were only scanned in as PDF files, so there is no original electronic document to work with. I have been looking at using the button form field to do multiple overlays as a last resort. I just figured I would ask the question on here in the event that someone else has been in a similar situation. Thanks!